Go ahead for Small Modular Reactors chooses the most expensive option

The news that Rolls Royce has the government go ahead and investment to build Small Modular (nuclear) Reactors is bad news for anyone who has to pay electricity bills.

According to the BBC, each SMR

  • would produce as much electricity as 150 onshore wind turbines.
  • would cost £2 billion each.

According to Weatherguardwind.com an onshore wind turbine costs between $2.6-4 million. So, even taking the most expensive estimate of cost, $4 million, and multiplying by 150 gets you $600 million. Convert into pounds and that’s £442 million. Even assuming that the initial projection of £2 billion each for SMRs is accurate (and when did a nuclear project ever run to budget?) that means that the government has chosen to go for the more expensive option.

For the same investment, you could get four and a half times as much energy from onshore wind.