Beauty Contest?

And then there were eight…

Suella Braverman; the Marjory Taylor Green of Titchfield.

Liz Truss, who, is trying very hard to be a 2D cardboard replica of Margaret Thatcher.

Tom Tugendhat, MP for MI6 Central, who has the rare talent of making Keir Starmer seem exciting by comparison. “I am ready to serve”. We are ready to sleep.

Jeremy Hunt, a man who is 110% smirk and wants to do for the country what he’s already done for the NHS.

Nadhim Zadawi the mad axeman, who would cut 20% of everything to show how wild and free he is.

Rish! Sunak whose response to climate breakdown is “drill baby drill” in the North Sea.

Kemi Badenoch who thinks the only thing holding back the private sector is the state support it gets.

Penny Mordaunt  “I officially request to be removed from this video…anything but blue please.”

None of them gets the climate crisis.

All of them want to pursue the new cold war, regardless of the blowback.

None of them will deal with the cost of living crisis – as they are in favour of letting wages decline relative to prices.

All of them want to keep deporting refugees to Rwanda.

All of them want to cut taxes instead of investing.

All of them want to this country to be more like the USA in ways that most people just don’t.

They sum up the exhaustion of the Brexit project as optimistic nostalgia. No jam today.

If the answer is any of this lot; the wrong questions are being asked on our behalf.

One thought on “Beauty Contest?

  1. Hi Paul,

    Many thanks for putting this short analysis together. I saw Tom Tugendhat on the TV this morning and was unimpressed. He appeared to adopt Boris’s jokey manner but it’s clear he’s an establishment figure who will do what he’s told, including putting boots on the ground.

    I’m relieved Ben Wallace didn’t put himself forward but it looks like he’s happy to organise training of thousands of Ukrainians on U.K. soil.

    If only we had a proper opposition that challenged what’s going on..

    Noreen 🙏🕊



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