The Very Hungry Capitalist – a cautionary tale for kids.

Long ago in the lie of the lands, a tiny new capitalist hired a labourer.

On Sunday morning the work was done and – pop! – out of the labour came a tiny but very tidy profit.

The little capitalist started to look for more.

On Monday he exploited one enclosed field, but he was still hungry.

On Tuesday he exploited two slave ships and sugar plantations, but he was still hungry.

On Wednesday he exploited three colonies, but he was still hungry.

On Thursday he exploited four steam engines and coal mines, but he was still hungry.

On Friday he exploited five cotton mills, but he was still hungry.

On Saturday he exploited thousands of automotive plants, tobacco factories, machine plants, oil fields, munitions factories, rubber works, real estate developments, power stations, banks, hedge funds, tech start ups and…

…that night he had a recession!

On Sunday the capitalist bought back his stock options, and he felt much better.

Now he was still hungry– but he wasn’t a little capitalist any more. He was a big fat monopoly capitalist.

He bought a small rocket, called Green Oblivion.

He wants to fly to Mars because he’s exploited everything here, the planet is burning up and the animals are dying…even the beautiful butterflies.

But he is still hungry…

Images from.

Enclosed field

Slave ships


Pit head.

Cotton Mill,+Georgia,+1909.jpg


Capitalism isn’t working’t+working2.jpg


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