Going Postal? 2.

On Thursday evening, my son discovered this taped just outside our front door. Just next to the drainpipe – which seems appropriate.

This is a year old clipping from the “Sun” written by that deep thinker Jeremy Clarkson.

This follows the delivery of one battered UKIP leaflet a fortnight ago through the letterbox and a Brexit Party leaflet left on the doorstep a couple of months before that; both left over from the Euro Election and both the with address cut out. A very strange version of the 12 Days of Xmas this year.

Clearly someone locally – the same person I presume who sprayed the word “Tory” on every available white wall locally this time last year – including the one outside the Temple on Kingsbury Road -and has since followed up by spraying “Trump” and “Trump – Jesus” on the sides of white (and white-ish) vans on our road – feels the need both to mark his* presence and is irked by ours.

I presume that whoever it is who stuck this up – and I have two ideas who it might be – is really relieved that the country dodged a bullet last December and does not have to shoulder the burden of a government that would have made it a fairer, greener place, would not have contracted track and trace out to SERCO and presided over the worst per capita death rate in Europe and would not now be crashing out of the EU with no deal. Lucky us!

  • Possibly a sexist presumption, but I’d bet fifty quid its a bloke.

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