Signs and Gestures

A small child in black dungarees runs up to the new seating cubes on the High Street one after the other and, at each one, she is lifted up onto the plinth, where she adopts the pose of an inspirational statue, arm aloft, finger pointing ever upwards and onwards, eyes on the horizon – “Gaze on my works ye mighty and despair” – before being lifted down and running on to the next.

A group of black clad Christian evangelists walks down the hill in line abreast – like a missionary version of Ocean’s Five – gesticulating in various directions as one runs ahead on an errand. They agree there is “one way” but not – it seems – what it is.

Our Farageist neighbours now have TWO enormous St Georges cross flags hanging over their front window, leaving just enough room for a “Count down to Brexit” ad from the government. So, this isn’t primarily about the Rugby World Cup. I wonder what they think is actually going to happen on Halloween?

A strange experience on the 183. A couple of boys in football kit were on the same bus. When I got off at Piper’s Green and walked towards the traffic lights, I saw them walking back towards me from the next stop just as the bus went past in their direction. Not at all sure how they managed that.

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