Bits and bobs

Nadhim Zahawi’s defence of being at the President’s club dinner last week

1) that he saw nothing untoward and

2) that he left because he felt uncomfortable

begs the question of what he felt uncomfortable about if he saw nothing untoward. Reminded me of Billy Bunter. “I didn’t eat your chocs, and i didn’t hide behind the armchair when i heard you come in.”


Flocks of seagulls soar over our road and settles on the roofs opposite. Seagulls have become much more common in recent years as they have moved inland to scavenge, but with the prospect of a 20 metre sea level rise baked in to the current levels of CO2 in the atmosphere; it feels like a premonition of when the view out of our window across west London will be filled for the most part with a mile or two of dirty khaki water lapping up against shoot up hill and drowning the west end.

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