Small skirmishes in Brent – not many hurt.

Half way down our hill one of our strategically positioned local Labour Party’s dedicated supporters had put up a garden stake with Vote Labour posters on it. It cut quite a dash in the sunlight. You couldn’t miss it, coming up or down the hill. Heartening. Along with a bigger crop of posters in windows than hitherto, it made our area feel like a labour sort of place. the only counter measure in windows was an A5 Tory leaflet stuck up in the front window of our local UKIP supporters – whose battered England flag has hung over their door since the World Cup before last. Probably why, half way through the campaign, the posters disappeared. This also happened elsewhere in Brent and is a new thing, indicating a more virulent and aggressive campaigning style by our opponents. We had it replaced quickly – on the principle that we were going to keep the red placard flying here, but on eve of poll the replacement poster had been ripped down and dumped on the other side of the road. So we returned it and nailed it back in with longer nails. it stayed up…and we also won the election with double the Tory vote.